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♫ Perma-Glaze-It!

Ace Perma-Glaze - Tucson, ArizonaImagine if… Porcelain Restoration, Damaged Fiberglass, Vitreous China, Cast Iron, Formica or Cultured Marble could all be FULLY RESTORED?

It Can be! With Perma-Glaze’s Beautifying Refinishing Technology!!

You would NEVER have to throw out the old to bring in the new!

“It only makes sense to restore or resell your old fixtures and appliances. They have no place in a landfill. Restoration, re-selling, and re-cycling helps the economy and our ecology.” Mayor Rothschild, Tucson, Arizona

Fresh finishes include Glossy, Matte and Satin, in solid colors or textures like Liquid Granite (hyper line to gallery of Colors and Textures) Color and finish matching to the original fixture available!

Use Perma-Glaze to completely refinish a fixture or to repair isolated chips.

Perma Glaze’s Pie’ce De Re’sistance Restoration systems are efficient, fast and inexpensive ESPECIALLY when compared to buying NEW and sometimes lesser quality replacement fixtures! The savings are typically 70 to 85%! So what’s not to love?

See our amazing transformations BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of bathrooms and kitchens that have been refinished with Perma-Glaze. With the Perma Glaze process, the old, worn, unsightly surface is cleaned and chemically etched. Any chips, scratches or structural discrepancies are leveled and sanded smooth. Then several layers of our exclusive Perma Glaze synthetic porcelain are applied to the surface creating a strong, durable, lustrous finish that is fully guaranteed.

Our luxurious finish will shine on for years to come. Ace Perma-Glaze customers are not only happy but amazed! And, Ace Perma-Glaze’s repair, renew and resurfacing experts offer a written in-home warranty. Gloss, Matte and Satin finishes will compliment either the solid color you choose or any of our Liquid Granite textures. View our Solid Color and Texture Gallery to compliment your own decor!

Your New Perma-Glaze finish will not only restore the old surface but is more hygienic by eliminating pours and pits that become filled with mold, mildew, germs…well, you get the idea! It’s the only sanitary way to go!! Our reglazed surfaces are easily cleaned and maintained. Refinished surfaces are durable and stain-resistant.

Ace Perma-Glaze multi-surface restoration process will transform your bathroom or kitchen fixtures to “Just like new!” With Perma-Glaze, you can restore your surfaces to their original luster within 3-4 hours without removal at a fraction of the replacement cost! In most cases, they’re are ready to use in just 24 to 48 hours later. Contact us today to get started!