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Perma-Glaze® is available in many colors, matte or glossy, solid & stone finishes

      ♫ Perma-Glaze-It!



Perma-Glaze® synthetic porcelain is a proprietary blend of polymer resins that transforms fixtures and counters in the Bathroom or Kitchen to look Just Like New! Finishes can be matte, satin or gloss and are available in many colors, solid or stone finishes.

Perma-Glaze® restores worn or damaged fixtures and surfaces to their original luster in 3-4 hours without removal at a fraction of replacement cost! (SAVINGS are typically 70% to 85%) The remarkable beauty of Perma-Glaze® is the result of our proprietary process that combines unbeatable depth and richness of color with a uniquely ultra-durable surface that retains its lustrous like-new look. Your home or commercial facility will look like you spent thousands of dollars on remodeling,  The results will astound you!


What surfaces can Perma-Glaze be used on?


Perma-Glaze can be used many surfaces. Perma-Glaze is a leader in the resurfacing and refinishing of numerous surfaces and fixtures. Our state-of-the-art technology easily refinishes bathtubs, showers, sinks, appliances, countertops, ceramic tile, porcelain, metal, fiberglass, Formica, cultured marble, and more. In just a few hours, without removal, the Perma-Glaze® system of polymer resins restores worn and damaged surfaces to their original luster — at a fraction of replacement cost (SAVINGS are typically 70% to 85%).

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures need refinishing for both cosmetic and hygienic reasons. When a surface appears worn, cracked and stained, it has become pitted or porous, allowing dirt and germ deposits to build up. With the Perma-Glaze® process, the old worn, unsightly surface is cleaned and chemically etched. Chips, scratches or structural discrepancies are leveled and sanded smooth. Then, several layers of the exclusive Perma-Glaze® synthetic porcelain are applied to the surface, creating a strong, durable, lustrous finish that is waranteed. Only a high-gloss vitreous finish like Perma-Glaze® can be regularly disinfected and sanitized, yet remain stain-resistant, safe and appealing. Also ask your representative about the Perma-Glaze® Lead-Lock Procedure that prevents leaching of lead oxides in old porcelain bathtubs and sinks. The Perma-Glaze® process is quick, safe, long-lasting and helps protect those you love.

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